Finalists for LEDGER Project Prize!

We were busy last weeks preparing the Jury Day for the LEDGER Project Fund, one of the most important awards for Blockchain for possitive impact at EU level. Ecofintech Coop presented the development of Confoederatio DTRADE Platform

Unfortunately we didn’ t win the pitch competition and our project is still in a raw stage for having a professional presentation to win these kind of competitions… We continue working for next round, in October, and trying to find other sources of sponsoring.

Here we share the evaluation of our presentation of Confoederatio DTRADE:


Information of your evaluation results

Your proposal has been evaluated by 2 recognized expertswho assessed both the technical and business potential of your proposal. Please, find below the comments provided by external evaluators, as feedback aimed to prepare your pitch or improve your proposal for the Jury Day.

Final score of “Confoederatio DTRADE platform: 13,5 out of 15 points.


Criteria Evaluators Comments

(Automatically collected from the evaluation system)

Excellence E1: I understand this initiative as a platform that enables or facilitates creation of autonomous organizations and offers a set of tools and applications to be used by the participants. This approach does empower individuals by providing fair access to wealth, removing barriers outside of control of individuals such as physical location, citizenship etc. Virtually any kind of cooperation could be modelled on such platform. This is a promising idea in the current world with disproportionate distribution of wealth and opportunities.


Challenges down the road include the currently unknown legal status of DAOs and the need to make the complex underlying technologies accessible and usable by individuals without in-depth technological insights and the possibilities that these technologies offer in the decentralized economies.

E2: Great ambition, diversity and integration and strong committment to LEDGER ethos.

Impact E1: This initiative has potential of bringing a lasting, positive change for individuals involved in cooperative economies, as described in the above section. I’m missing more detail in the business model section. What is your approach for generating revenue sufficient to sustain the continuous development and support the the products you intend to build?

E2: Innovative marketing and adoption strategy, well aligned with non-profit business model and target market. Comprehensive relevance for SDGs. Metrics not only business/finance focused.

Implementation E1: I see a team with a track record of commitment to the cause, supported by the relevant technology experience and skills.

E2: Well positioned balanced team, but ambitions and breadth of the proposal raises questions as to technical experience and management track record of team members on the scale of this proposal.

You can meet all the finalist projects in this amazing list:


Image of the Jury Day event at Freedomlab, Amsterdam.




Watch our DIY pitch video!